Sex Gender Based Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sex Gender Based Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy


Preventing intimate harassment is every person’s duty. The school cannot avoid or remedy intimate harassment unless it is aware of it. Any person in the Molloy community who’s been afflicted by behavior that could represent intimate harassment is motivated to report such behavior to your Title IX Coordinator, or even a manager or supervisor. Anybody who witnesses or becomes conscious of possible cases of intimate harassment should report such behavior straight away. Reports of intimate harassment may be produced verbally or on paper.

There’s absolutely no time period limit for reporting misconduct that is sexual the school under this Policy; nevertheless, the duration of time could make it hard and sometimes even impractical to conduct a comprehensive and dependable research regarding the event. Consequently, people in the community that is molloy motivated which will make a report as quickly as possible following the event has happened.

For no reason will the faculty enable an impending graduation to compromise its quality of the intimate misconduct problem. The conferral of a diploma may, consequently, be withheld, if required, until appropriate quality of every intimate misconduct fees, so long as a hearing possibility should be planned for the initial practicable date that will accommodate the events and their witnesses. (suite…)

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