Table 3. Contra-indications for usage of oral contraceptives in Down problem.

Table 3. Contra-indications for usage of oral contraceptives in Down problem.

Medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera) and Norplant (levonorgestrel implant) are often utilized depot forms of contraception. Within one research, 50% of females getting Depo-Provera had been amenorrheic; this treatment may dramatically simplify hygiene that is menstrualLaros, 1993). One of quarterly Depo-Provera injections costs approximately $200 (Laros, 1993) year. Norplant is a progestin-impregnated silastic implant this is certainly often inserted into upper supply subcutaneous muscle. Most commonly it is effective for 5 years but can be eliminated sooner (Laros, 1993). Reports of problems needing reduction – including irregular vaginal bleeding – have actually dampened a number of the initial passion for Norplant. Price is calculated between $300-$400 a(Laros, 1993) year.

Medical contraceptive procedures consist of laparoscopic tubal ligation and total stomach hysterectomy. Both procedures need informed involvement and consent for the patient and parent. A helpful reference regarding sterilization dilemmas seems when you look at the 1988 book by the United states Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology on Ethics. The process of getting a sterilization procedure may be emotionally draining and financially problematic for moms and dads (Van Dyke et al, 1995).

Std. Constant and use that is correct of methods such as for example condoms can be maybe perhaps not practical within the Down problem populace (Elkins, l990).

You will need to understand that the condom may be the just contraceptive technique available which also helps in avoiding the transmission of illness. (suite…)

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