The Court Finds Greek OPAP’s Monopoly Legal Greek laws are currently undergoing

The Court Finds Greek OPAP’s Monopoly Legal Greek laws are currently undergoing major reforms, concerning the gambling that is online. Several days ago the Greek court has announced that the gaming that is online, given by OPAP, are not in violation with the Greek’s rules and regulations. OPAP is the business that is considered to enjoy a monopoly on the Greek market but it ended up being accused by major worldwide video gaming providers that the services are incompatible because of the laws, established by the European Union.

Two days ago hawaii Council announced that the federal Government will probably just take measures that are urgent order to help make the OPAP’s gambling products, adaptable to your European Union demands. More than an year ago, the Greek government sold the shares it had in OPAP for the sum of €652 million and the ongoing reforms should be regarded as a sure sign indicating the desire of the authorities to make the Greek laws suitable to the European requirements.

The Government happens to be experiencing accusations for the time that is long to the proven fact that the authorities had been said to deliberately supplying OPAP with beneficial deals with the aim of increasing the value of this stack they owned before selling it.

Two years ago the Greek experts refused offering licenses to several trustworthy and worldwide gaming that is popular and extended the OPAP’s monopoly with eight more years alternatively.

All the rejected operators were bitterly disappointed utilizing the refusal and made a complaint that is official the eu Court of Justice, which respectively confirmed that the OPAP’s monopoly is illegal. (suite…)

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