Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Stuns Australia with Alleged Bank Fraud

Poker Pro Bill Jordanou Stuns Australia with Alleged Bank Fraud

The poker world is stunned by news of a alleged $70-million bank fraud scandal and Ponzi that is possible scheme well involving pro Bill Jordanou.

Exactly What would make a poker that is successful risk everything by getting taking part in a massive, multimillion dollar bank fraud and Ponzi scheme plot? That is the question many are now asking regarding Australian poker pro Bill Jordanou, who is under investigation by Victoria authorities for his so-called role in a bank fraud that went on for years, based on reports.

While information on the reported Ponzi scheme are sparse, the $70 million bank fraud procedure was reportedly carried away with Jordanou’s business partner, Robert Zaia, 45. The two presumably ensnared Zaia’s wealthy clients, via their accountancy firm Zaia Arthur & Associates, into an undetailed Ponzi scheme, while simultaneously bank that is forging to secure loans, from time to time in Zaia’s customers’ names, which they then comingled with property and development loans they also received from the bank, for jobs that either never existed or had been never ever started.

Bank Holds Victims Hostage

But the caper gets even crazier from right here. The bank employed for all these transactions was Australia’s biggest: Commonwealth Bank. That bank is now holding Zaia’s allegedly scammed clients hostage on the loans guaranteed within their names, without their permission. Certainly one of the (suite…)

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