A Brief History of Kids Sent Through the Mail

A Brief History of Kids Sent Through the Mail

Some parents took advantage of the mail in unexpected ways in the early days of the parcel post

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Probably one of the most overlooked, yet most critical innovations for the very very early century that is 20th end up being the Post Office’s choice to begin shipping big parcels and packages through the mail. The Parcel Post dramatically expanded the reach of mail-order companies to America’s many rural communities, as well as the demand for their products while private delivery companies flourished during the 19th century. If the Post Office’s Parcel Post formally started on January 1, 1913, the service that is new permitted scores of People in the us great usage of a myriad of products and solutions. But nearly straight away, it had some consequences that are unintended some moms and dads attempted to deliver kids through the mail.

“It got some headlines whenever it simply happened, most likely given that it had been therefore sweet,” United States Postal provider historian Jenny Lynch informs Smithsonian.com.

Just a couple months after Parcel Post started, an Ohio couple called Jesse and Mathilda Beagle “mailed” their son that is 8-month-old James their grandmother, who lived just a couple of mexican brides kilometers away in Batavia. (suite…)

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