Why it is the right time to bid farewell to the « Gay closest friend »

Why it is the right time to bid farewell to the « Gay closest friend »

First, there is My closest friend’s Wedding; В then cameВ Intercourse while the CityВ and, needless to say, В Will & Grace.

В Jump ahead a couple of years, and it’s really also cropped up in Lena Dunham’s Girls. The trope is officially and stubbornly solidified in pop music tradition.

Oahu is the Gay companion — the paradigmatic relationship between homosexual guy and a right girl — who has swept completely through our tradition, learning to be a classic characterВ on screens and in true to life. It really is an increase that is possibleВ in part due to an extremely accepting society, one that’s ready to accept exposure for homosexual males, validates their orientation and acknowledges their efforts. В

But it is precisely that positive progress which makes a very important factor clear today: The Gay closest friend has to get. In a time whenever wedding equality is sweeping the country and acceptance is in the rise, it is a dated label that, ultimately, does more damage than good. That is why it is time to replace the nonsensical « Gay companion » with an even more accurate term: buddy.

The main regarding the issue: « Stereotypes certainly are a category system that produces the entire world feel more manageable,  » claims Liz Margolies, founder and administrator manager for the nationwide LGBT Cancer system. And individuals cling for them whenever one thing is unknown or threatening — there is reason it is called homophobia, after all. В

There might be another explanation the Gay closest friend stereotype had been therefore enthusiastically embraced across tradition: females’s wish to have a non-threatening male existence within their life. « Straight ladies usually have a wish to have safe and intimate relationships, and gay men offer exactly that without driving a car of closeness fundamentally kicking in, « В psychologist Megan De Beyer toldВ Mic. (suite…)

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