Olfactophilia: A fetish for smells. Often involves human anatomy smells.

Olfactophilia: A fetish for smells. Often involves human anatomy smells.

Ophidicism: A fetish for reptiles.

Orgasm Denial: a form of fetish play by which a dom teases the sub, but does not want to let him achieve orgasm. This will probably are the usage of such products as a cock cage.

Osmolagnia: A fetish for human body smells like perspiration or flatulence.

Oviposition: A fetish for egg laying. A unusual kink, often based in the furry community and often only happy in the shape of dream or animation.

Ozolagnia: A fetish for strong smells.


Paraphilia: Any sexual fetish that is classified as a problem due to the extreme nature, given that it violates a society’s mores or laws because it is harmful, or.

Parthenophilia: A fetish for virgins.

Partialism: A fetish for specific parts of the body. This can include such fetishes as nasophilia, oculophilia, and podophilia.

Pediophilia: A fetish for sex toys, particularly dolls.

Pecattiphilia: A fetish for redtube.zone/es/ sinning, as defined by the spiritual upbringing. Synonyms: hamartophilia.

Penis Humiliation: A fetish for getting comments that are derogatory the dimensions and inadequacies of the penis.

Peodeiktophilia: an paraphilia that is exhibitionistic which a person is stimulated by exposing their penis to naive victims.

Phallophilia: A fetish for large penises. Comparable: macrogenitalism.

Phobophilia: A fetish for feeling afraid.

Phygephilia: A fetish for fugitives, or living as a fugitive. Just like Hybristophilia.

Pictophilia: A fetish for viewing porn. Also, whenever one watches a great deal porn associated with the act that is same individual, he develops a fetish for that work or individual.

Piquerism, Picquerism: A fetish for piercing, or penetrating, someone else’s epidermis. Individuals with this fetish often focus on piercing zones that are erogenous. Origins: through the French term piquer, or « to prick. « 

Plushies: all those who have ursusagalmatophilia: Synonym: Furries. (suite…)

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