nTrust CEO Says Bitcoins will be a Mainstream never Payment Option

nTrust CEO Says Bitcoins will be a Mainstream never Payment Option

*****Bitcoins: money coins or fake money?******

Poor Bitcoin. It’s like Rodney Dangerfield: it can not get any respect. Not through the people whom could take it to the level that is next. And the very reason some touted it as the best way to go currency around on line may be the precise reason it will never ever attain mainstream acceptance. At the very least, according to founder that is nTrust CEO Robert MacGregor, who is additionally a technology and alternative payments lawyer. The online vault systems founder (nTrust is not obtainable in the U.S.) has some strong opinions on Bitcoins and why they stay lukewarm in reception overall to the online world exchange universe that is monetary.

Still Struggling for Mainstream Acceptance

MacGregor recently coined an op-ed piece on Bitcoins, and shared his thoughts on why they will probably never be accepted by the mainstream banking worldwide entities as a real currency. MacGregor says the matter isn’t whether Bitcoins have enjoyed some acceptance, but whether they will ever receive enough acceptance to matter, and his answer is: not much. And he’s not the only one who thinks so, either.

The nTrust CEO ascertains that, by the definition of cash as something you can use to acquire things, Bitcoins have actually failed miserably. And to measure that, MacGregor claims, all you need to do is examine the relatively tiny number of merchants who accept Bitcoin, an (suite…)

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